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Growing up Without Cable

Imagine if Netflix, Youtube and Hulu Imagine if Netflix, Youtube, & Hulu never existed. never existed. (Mr. Stark, I don’t feel so good…) What would you be watching right now? What would you be watching right now? Would you be watching… Would you be watching… THIS? I don’t think so I don’t think so. You’d

Can You Pass the SpongeBob Memory Test? 🧠 | SpongeBob SquarePants | Nick

[SpongeBob singing] [gasping] Broken traffic light, who’s to say my monitor duties should end, just because the bell rang? I can be helpful anywhere, this looks like a job for the hall monitor! [music playing] [whistle blowing] [whistle blowing] [boat rushing] [whistle blowing] [boat rushing] [whistle blowing] [music playing] [engine revving] What would this town

【UNDERTALE】Someone memory. (Chara vs Sans shorts animation)

(Shoes tap against floor) (Sans Speech) (Sans Speech) (Sans Speech) (Megalovania) (Megalovania + Gaster Blasters) (Megalovania) (Sans Speech, tired) (Silence) (Sans Speech, Tired) (Silence.) (His Theme build up) (His Theme) (His Theme, Sans Speech) What’s the name of the funny city in California? (His Theme, Papyrus speech) Hey! that’s hard to the human. Stop! (His

4 Psychology Myths You Probably Thought Were True

You’ve probably heard someone say that listening to Mozart makes you smarter or that they have a photographic memory. But… that’s just not the case. Using the power of scientific research, let’s bust… some popular misconceptions about intelligence, memory and your brain. If somebody tells you “listening to classical music makes you smarter” tell them

Harry the Moth

For some reason everybody thinks butterflies are better than moths. We make children’s books about butterflies, We use them as metaphors of change, You might be an ugly caterpillar now, But soon you’ll grow into a beautiful butterfly. We go into fields and frolic around trying to catch them and some people even have a