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WWDC 2018 Keynote — Apple

Line:92% [ Applause and Cheering ] [ Music ] >> Northern California’s bay area. Here is the stage for a truly remarkable natural occurrence. Every year, a great migration is made by one of the world’s most mysterious species. To reach this utopian destination, these unique mammals will instinctively embark on a nomadic journey from

The True Story of Nikola Tesla [Pt.1]

You are watching ColdFusion TV. Hi, welcome to another ColdFusion video. The human mind is truly an incredible thing, capable of speech, thought, critical thinking, and imagination. When we think of the great legendary minds of this world, we think of the brilliance of people like Einstein. He taught us many things about the low-level

DON’T Buy The iPhone X

It’s time to do this much-anticipated video I always think about some ideas Of course I mean to do this video Because a while ago I made a video called “Use for iPhone X” And you may have noticed that there is an iPhone X in front of me When I got a new mobile

The Story Of Elon Musk

You are watching Coldfusion TV Hi, Welcome to another ColdFusion video. So I’m sure if you’ve been subscribed to this channel, You have heard a lot about Elon Musk. He is the guy who seems to just have arrived from another planet to casually disrupt the world one industry at a time Many see him