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How to Learn While You Sleep

[INTRO ♪] We’ve probably all done this at some point in our lives: it’s the night before a big exam, and … you haven’t started studying yet. You’ll just have to cram as much information as possible into your brain in one night and hope you remember it tomorrow. Wouldn’t it be nice if you

Brain stimulation | Brain stimulate to increase concentration and memory

Brain stimulants to increase concentration and memory. Brain stimulants are usually used to treat mental health changes, such as attention lack of hyperactivity disorder because they provide better levels of concentration and attention, reduce the symptoms of the disease. As they ensure high levels of concentration, these drugs are sometimes used by Healthy people for

Language: Crash Course Psychology #16

Baby Kanzi was recently adopted, and adjusting to life in his new home. His mother was working with a language coach to learn some English, and Kanzi usually came along, though he didn’t appear to pay much attention. But the language coach noticed that he seemed to be picking up on how to communicate, just