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[Eng Sub] Love In Memory – Ep.2

[Oh Hayoung_Yoo Hari] [Ko Yoon_No Jinwoo] [Song Seungkook_Woo Minyoung] [Hwang Sohee_Seo Hee] [Jeong Eunhye_Song Sunha] [Lee Sangah_Jeong Jisun] [Love In Memory] What was that? Did that person die? No… Maybe I didn’t see it right. Let’s go check. They were here… Maybe I didn’t see it right. No way. You were late again? Sorry. It’s

Can a Metal Coil Remember Its Shape?

What’s so special about this spring? It’s made of nickel titanium, which is a shape memory alloy. Shape memory alloys are unique because they can remember their original shape after they are deformed. This is possible because shape memory materials have two crystalline structures. Martensite is the structure at lower temperatures and Austenite is the