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How Words Get Stuck on the Tip of Your Tongue

We all know it, the intense frustration, the deep self loathing when a word is stuck right on the tip of your tongue. Researchers have been studying this phenomenon since the 1960’s, hoping for some relief, and finally, thanks to science, we have salvation! The words “presque vu,” meaning “almost seen,” describe that thing where

5 Videos on the Science of Memory

Do you smell that? It smells like…cinnamon? And … evergreen trees. It reminds me of something. It reminds me of…this video Hank made about how smells trigger memories! You’re walking through the hardware store one day when all of a sudden you catch a whiff of something you haven’t smelled in years. Somehow, the scent

How to Learn While You Sleep

[INTRO ♪] We’ve probably all done this at some point in our lives: it’s the night before a big exam, and … you haven’t started studying yet. You’ll just have to cram as much information as possible into your brain in one night and hope you remember it tomorrow. Wouldn’t it be nice if you

Does Birth Order Affect Your Personality?

There’s all kinds of stereotypes about what your position in your family says about you. Oldest kids are the most responsible, the ones in the middle are rebels and since I’m the youngest, I must be spoiled. And sorry only children, according to society you’re selfish. It’s called birth order theory. And it might sound

How Do You Define A Disorder?

Do you ever feel really bummed? Okay, maybe that’s a silly question because, like, everyone’s gonna have a crappy day at some point. Right? But how do you know if you’re just feeling sad, or if you’ve crossed over into something like clinical depression? The answer to that depends on how researchers define psychological disorders,