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Speed Learning Subliminal – Improve Your Memory and Intelligence Subliminal Affirmations

I live my life in epic pursuit of knowledge understanding and wisdom. I now intuitively develop manifest and master supernatural learning. My supernatural learning gives me the ability to learn anything almost instantly. My supernatural learning ability causes me learn anything I want at supernatural speed in a fraction of the time it takes others.

Memory Palaces – Introduction

New Person Forgotten name Awkward moment Studying for an exam all night Panic and defeat Leaning a new language… forgot the words Information, data, words, faces, numbers, appointments… … so many things to remember. How can we deal with it? How can we aggregate this plethora of information efficiently? And why does it take so

Are Crows As Smart As Humans?

You know how a group of crows is called a murder? Turns out that murder can be pretty scary. Hey guys Julia here for DNews so we know how crazy smart animals like dolphins, pigs, chimps and octopuses, octopi are… right? Oh god I might have to talk about cephalopods in a future episode, god