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In Loving Memory Pewter Photo Ornament

Hi, I’m Kathleen from The Catholic Company and this is the In Loving Memory Ornament This beautiful Pewter Photo Ornament keeps the memory of loved one close all holiday long. Measuring a little over 2 inche, the Ornament holds a small photo of your loved one and the words “In Loving Memory”. It hangs from

Breaststroke workout #8

Hello and welcome to our workout videos. Remember that if you want to download a free pdf version of this workout you can do so in the link in the description at skillswimming.com. If you are new here and you like swimming videos I invite you to subscribe to this channel. To start this workout

5 Natural Ways to Improve Your Memory

– Genetics plays a role in memory loss especially in serious neurological conditions like Alzheimer’s disease. However, research shows that diet and lifestyle has a major impact on memory as well. So in this video we’re looking at five evidence-based ways to improve your memory naturally. (bell rings) Number one, maintain a healthy weight. Now