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5 Videos on the Science of Memory

Do you smell that? It smells like…cinnamon? And … evergreen trees. It reminds me of something. It reminds me of…this video Hank made about how smells trigger memories! You’re walking through the hardware store one day when all of a sudden you catch a whiff of something you haven’t smelled in years. Somehow, the scent

How to Learn While You Sleep

[INTRO ♪] We’ve probably all done this at some point in our lives: it’s the night before a big exam, and … you haven’t started studying yet. You’ll just have to cram as much information as possible into your brain in one night and hope you remember it tomorrow. Wouldn’t it be nice if you

4 Psychology Myths You Probably Thought Were True

You’ve probably heard someone say that listening to Mozart makes you smarter or that they have a photographic memory. But… that’s just not the case. Using the power of scientific research, let’s bust… some popular misconceptions about intelligence, memory and your brain. If somebody tells you “listening to classical music makes you smarter” tell them