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Myths about memory

Align:start in this video I’ll discuss the misconceptions about our human memory a lot of people seem to for example think that photographic memory is something real myth number one only five to nine pieces of information can be stored in our short-term memory this is something that have understandably been misunderstood this is real

Abacus Math

What is your name my name is Mithra which class your studying. I’m studying in 5th standard which level you’re in Indian Abacus ahh.. I’m studying in level 3… 7, plus 1, plus 4, plus 8, plus 6, plus 9, plus 2, plus 5, plus 3, plus 8, plus 1, plus 4, plus 7, plus

Abacus Teacher Training

Hi myself Mohammed from Gateway Public School vaniyambadi I have come here as a tutor of Indian Abacus I feel Indian abacus would be very helpful for students to enlighten the intellectual skills and to enhance their brain activity capacities I have learn this abacus and I hope the children will also get to learn

How to Train Your Brain to Retain Information

How to Train Your Brain to Retain Information. Train your brain to retain information with these tips, and fight the fear that you’re losing your faculties. You will need Lists Songs and rhymes Pen and paper Quiet, secluded place Speed reading exercises and rest (optional). Step 1. Create and memorize lists, organized alphabetically, logically, or