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The True Story of Nikola Tesla [Pt.1]

You are watching ColdFusion TV. Hi, welcome to another ColdFusion video. The human mind is truly an incredible thing, capable of speech, thought, critical thinking, and imagination. When we think of the great legendary minds of this world, we think of the brilliance of people like Einstein. He taught us many things about the low-level

Samsung Electronics posted record earnings in 2017 on robust demand for memory chips

Korean tech giant Samsung Electronics seems to have outdone itself yet again. The company posted sales worth 223-point-four billion U.S. dollars last year,… putting out its best performance report ever on strong demand for memory chips and sales of high-end display panels for the iPhone (ten) X. It’s operating profit was over 50-billion dollars,… nearly

The Story Of Elon Musk

You are watching Coldfusion TV Hi, Welcome to another ColdFusion video. So I’m sure if you’ve been subscribed to this channel, You have heard a lot about Elon Musk. He is the guy who seems to just have arrived from another planet to casually disrupt the world one industry at a time Many see him