The Harmonium in My Memory – 1999 (english subtitles)

Boiled eggs Boiled eggs Pumpkin candy Dried squids How much? 5 wons. There you go Thank you Hey you! Stool! I said stool! Darn you! Rock-a-bye baby on the tree top ~ Hush, Why are you interrupted my play. Rock-a-bye baby on the tree top ~ Hey! You can play like that with the baby crying?!! Get away! Come to mama. Come sweetie. You done boiled the laundry, girl? – Hey! – Where ya going? Ouchl! Get away! Oh my lord! Oh no!! Wretched girl! I’ll be sure to break both them legs of yours! Sir, We’re here.

Thank you, sir. Pardon me, Miss! May I ask you something? I’m trying to find Sanri Elementary School… <i>Pardon me. Miss… Pardon me…</i> Damn girl! Whatcha looking at? Talk about nerves! Well, What cheek Get up and hold onto this! You act like you’ve never been fed! When was I ever fed right? You should be begging for mercy instead you complaining like that? Oh, my back! Ma, you 0k? You wretched girl You trying to kill me girl? Get up and eat your dinner! Here, here. Drink some water. Ay, you wretched girl.

Nice to meet you This is Mr. Choi, Heonmong He’s in charge of the 6th grade 6-2 class. Nice to meet ya! You’re gonna break some hearts in Sanri, aintcha? Eh, eh? Meet Mr. Cho, Myungkoo he’s in charge of moral training. How’re ya! Nice to finally meet a fellow bachelor. And this is Sanri’s one and only, Miss Yoo, Haeri She’s in charge of the 4th grade 4-1 class. Wow, a bachelor worthy of the title. Welcome to Sanri! Mr. Yang, Poongjoo in charge of General Affairs. Ay, nice to meet you. Please fill out these forms… And I’m gonna need a copy of your birth certificate, diploma… huh? My name’s Yang, Eunhee Nice to meet you. K-Kang, Suha. Good to meet you. Have you two found places to stay? Very quiet. A lot of light. The best room in this house. This is the only room you’ve got. Great! I’ll take it. Wonderful. You must be starving! Go on and wash up! First job after Teaching School, so how old are you…? Twenty-one.

Why do you ask? It’s like seeing me, only ten years younger. It only takes a second to end up an unmarried old man in this godforsaken village! Why are you still single? It takes two to tie the knot. I’m sure you’ll meet someone… What? What’s the use? You don’t have a turntable! I’ve got some root wine stashed away. Unpack and come on over. Good morning. What’s with you two? Go on, get going..- Good morning. – Good morning – Kangjoo Please walk Nanhee to school. The most important thing is to respect your elders. Respecting your parents getting along with your friends and following the rules… Who the hell! So happy that I’m not your homeroom teacher anymore, huh? We’ll see about that next year.

What you laughing at? Oh! Fuck! You little punksl! Attention! Bow! Good Morning! Thank you, students. She still thinks I’m her homeroom teacher. Go over there and have a seat. Before we begin… Quiet. Quiet! Who’s baby is that? Young lady, I’m speaking to you? It’s my baby brother, We don’t have a babysitter. Before we begin everyone… Kangjoo! Granddaddy’s got your lunch box. Where’d she go? Sir I’m Kangjoo’s homeroom teacher. Oh, teacher sir. What a fine job you’re doing here. Kangjoo got in trouble with her mama and didn’t get any breakfast. Grampa, I ain’t hungry! Go home! Kangjoo! Get over here and take it. Scholastic achievement is not everything. Just as you all have different features, you all have different talents. Being scholastically gifted is only one of thousands, millions of gifts. What I want from you is…

Class precept – An Accord – You lowlife moonshiner’s bastard. – Fuck you asshole. Hey you two! – Stop that this instant! – Hey, let go of me, dickwad! You had to go poop now! Ooh, look! You guys stop it! He’s got the stick! Stop it, stop it, stop it! Jesus, Christ! Damn lowlifes! This isn’t your living room! Mr. Kang Let me tell you one thing. You spare the rod and the kid goes rotten. You have to kick some asses in the beginning if you want a peaceful year. Well… If you treat them like people… I mean maybe the force won’t be necessary. That’s theoretically correct. Theoretically. In reality, you have take one and show them what you can do. They won’t mess with you after that. Isn’t that right? Hey, they’re getting away. Stop right there! Hongyeon! Let’s play! I’m too old for you runny nose babies! I’m Dootae’s dad. Please come on in! Here you go. How’s my Dootae? I hate to brag, but he’s a winner. If I can be of any assistance. Please let me know. Talk about needing assistance. Such an ancient Auditorium, this an age for reconstruction, right? There isn’t much, but please help yourselves! Mr.

Chung, huh, huh? What in God’s name are you doing? Ow. Got your monthlies? An official welcome song to the new teachers of Sanri! The young village girl by the Cherryblossom pond has run away to Seoul. She done thrown away her bucket and hoe…” Hongyeon Mama’s going to town for work. Wretched girl. What in heavens is going on here?!! I wanted to teach them that school is a fun place. A place worth coming to… The classroom is not a playground. What about next month’s provincial placement exams? I understand your intentions. But you mustn’t disturb neighboring classes. Oh, were we that loud’? No. I, I thought you were having class outdoors. I thought it was a chorus. What?! I thought it was an earthquake! Uh oh, look who walked in. Are your their homeroom teacher? Aren’t you Hong…dan? Oh, right. My name’s Hongyeon, not Hongdan. Yoon, Hongyeon Oh right! Sorry, I haven’t learned all your names yet. That’s all right. I understand. What are you still doing here? Ah, I left my lunchbox here. I see. Well, get on home now.

Oh, Mr. Kang! Please, let me. Oh, that’s OK. It’s Saturday. Why are you still here? What about you? I wanted to correct some compositions with the kids. These 5th graders have the grammar skills of 1st graders. Many of their parents are illiterate themselves. I heard most of these kids end their studies after 6th grade. To be practically illiterate would be a shame. It doesn’t seem like the rain’s going to stop. Mr. Kang, do you have an umbrella? I wanted to major in music, but my parents wouldn’t hear of it. So, I settled for just listening to a lot of it. Have I been babbling on about me? No! I like music too. But this place is so far from town. It’s hard to buy any new records. I have some LPs. We could swap from time to time. Mr. Kang, you’re twenty-one, right? Yeah… What an age to be. Why do you think you’re too old? Not yet but I’m already twenty-five. Twenty-five is a ripe age for a woman. We’re already here. My place is this way. I’ll walk you home.

No, that’s OK. It’s just right here. It’s raining too hard. You’ll catch something… Miss Yang, here take this umbrella… No just share it with me next time. Of course… Oh yeah! The LP! Elp… <i>eln…?</i> Hey, stop fooling around. Hurry up! Where she gone off to now? Hongyeon! Sir, does this work? Everything I fix works like a charm. More like a scream! Teachefl – Nanhee! You live here? – Uh huh. Ooh… how pretty. Now, Where’s the newspaper… Oh, Mr. Cho~ Yes… Could you please help me here? Yes, ma’am… Oh, Mr. Cho. Hold on a sec. Journal Time Class, I got a look at your compositions. Everyone tried very hard. But you all s_till have many grammatrcal errors. So I got this idea. _YOL_J will have a chance to wnte In your Journals everyday. Aahh, come on!! Do you want t_0 be someone who can’t even wrlte a decent letter? No-o-o! Then, you must listen to what I say. Now, now, settle down. You must write in your journals everyday. Don’t wait until the last minute.

OK? Yes, teacher! If you do this well, I will tell you stories about Seoul and other fairy tales. Tell us now! OK, just one for show. I’ll tell you the one about the young man that got married to a… Once upon a time… The full moon always makes me so sad. I wonder if teacher’s looking at the same moon? What’s with you girl? Actually doing homework! Ay, Suha Just put your laundry in the hamper! No, that’s OK, I’ve got it.

Oh no. What if your students see you? It’s all right. I can do it. For heaven’s sake, go on, go for a walk into town or something. No, that’s OK. Go on in. Go on in. Teacher told a really good story today. He’s such a good storyteller… Our teacher is so generous. Other stu_dents envy our class because thelr teachers are monsters.

I can’t wait until tomorrow, the night is too long. – Good morning. – Hello. – Hello, Miss Yang. – Good morning. Good morning. They drift like snowflakes… smell the scent of flowers… look at eachother and smile Teacher pinched my arm today. I was so surprised and turned so red. I felt so strange walking home. Why did he pinch me? What does it mean? I can’t understand. Three times eight is twenty-four… Three times nine is twenty-seven… Excuse me. Mr. Kang! Have you seen Miss Yang’s class? Miss Yang! Come over here! Miss Yang! All the other students are busy cleaning, why’s your class getting haircuts? We’ve finished our spring cleaning, sir. You haven’t waxed the floors, they must shine! It’s clean. Why does it need to shine? The school inspector will be here tomorrow! Is he coming to inspect the floors? No, that’s just common courtesy. Mr. Choi, I’ll take full responsibility with regards to the floor. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got hair to cut. Wait a second! Miss Yang! That pigheaded little…

Mr. Kang”! Are you waiting for someone? Teacher, why did you pinch me? I can’t forget it. I think about it when I study, when I walk home. Teacher, what did it mean. Please tell me. I think and I think and I can’t figure it out. <i>Mommy, mommy!</i> Why you despicable girl! <i>Subtract twenty-three wens.</i> Add ninety-four wons. Subtract twelve wons. Hongyeon, are you feeling all right? I’m fine. It’s fine for a boy to pee from the living room. Why do boys get all the break. I hate boys. I really do. But ma only takes his side because he’s a boy.

Anyhow, I feel better now that I pinched him real hard. I hate our rooster. The hen lays the egg and he crows like he did all the work. I hate him… School’s no fun. I’m sick of my friends. What’s the point with school. What’s the point of graduating? Mongdol, didn’t you bring any lunch? Here have mine. Something I ate for breakfast… I’m not very hungry. Here have it. Yoon, Hongyeon! Answer me when I call you! Yes Why aren’t you eating? I’m not hungry You should eat something. I’m all right. – Hongyeon – Mr. Kang! Here you are! I’ve been looking for you. <i>Go on…</i> Aren’t you sick of boardinghouse food? I brought some side dishes, please try some. No, I’m fine. By the way! Please have your kids clean themselves before the annual physical exams! When I think of Ivlongdol last year, I still lose my appetite. Raise your head. Come on kid, go. Clean under your fingernails! What are these, your toenails? You eat 3 times a day not even a toothbrushing? Mongdol! When was your last shower? Where’s Hongyeon? Hongyeon?! 83 You’re maturing into a woman! Yes, just a minute.

– Miss Yang! – What is it? We’re here to take the class’ stool samples! Go ahead! I listened to the LP you lent me. Connie Francis’ “My Heart Has a Mind of Its Own” is quite good. I asked a friend of mine to send it to me. He made such a big deal. Well, I’ll lend it to you. When I get it. Thanks. Thanks. No, I should thank you. Elp… <i>eln…?</i> I can’t do it. It’s not coming out! Try harder. Or else, a week of bathroom cleaning! What about you? It’s not coming out because I went this morning. Does anyone live near Hongyeon? Did Hongyeon tell you she would miss school today? Oh, did everyone bring a stool sample? What’s going on? Teacher, it’s Nanhee…! What’s wrong? Hongyeon’s absent again! Teachefl I-[ongyeon’s not coming to school ever.

Why, what’s wrong with her? I don’t know. She just doesn’t want to she said. What’s she doing then? Just laying on her stomach all day. Why, is she sick? What’s she doing? Nothin’. She just lies there like a frog. She’s just playing hooky. How much further? We’re almost there. Yoon, Hongyeon, Teacher’s here! Yoon, Hongyeon, Mam! There is bicycle-man Ay, Teacher! What brings you all the way here. I don’t know what’s got into that girl. Why won’t she go to school.

She’s driving me crazy! Ma’am, where is she? She was here a minute ago. Where is this wretched girl? She’s hiding in the back. What are you doing there? Hongyeon! Why’ve you been absent? Why’re you behaving like that? OK, kids. Go on home now. Ma’am, could I talk to her alone, please? Sure, sure! Mr. Kang, if she don’t listen to you, give her a good beating! Hongyeon! Look at me. I came all the way here and you won’t talk to me. Didn’t you hear your mother telling me to beat you? But I would never hit you… Hongyeon? But you must come to school. I’ve been very worried about you. I thought you were sick. Even in an accident. _Well, I’ll expect you In school tomorrow.

It’s not the same without… Wow, these cherries sure are ripe. My heart is beating, you’re the only one who knows… Some girl student of yours left them here I asked her name, grade, the works but she didn’t answer. A big girl I might add. Come closer… Thanks for the cherries. Here, let me help you! No, I’ve got it. – It’s too heavy for you! – No, I’m OK. Come on, let’s go. I can carry it. Someone will see us! So what? No. You go ahead. Geez! Ladies and Gentlemen. Prepare yourselves for the time of your lives! We’re not fake medicine men, We don’t ruin your white skin with poisonous potions.

We give you laughter and tears… My Drince How can we forget our parents’ war by running away’? Who’s there? Is that you, Hongyeon? Hello! What are you doing there? Are you here to see the play? Aren’t you scared? Sitting here alone… Hongyeon? I’m not scared. Really? Have a seat. That sure is a full moon! Hopgyeon, were you waiting for someone? No? Why are you laughing? You’re so foolish! Darn mosquito…

You scared me! It’s just…a mosquito! That’s one big mosquito! Serves you right! What, serves me right? What if someone sees us… All right, let’s get going. I’m tired. Stop moping around and go see the play or go home. I’m gonna turn in. Ready~ Run with morn Run with Mr. Choi Good Hongyeon! Run with Principal Hwang Oh, Mr. Kang! Miss Yang, what are you doing here on a Sunday? It’s my turn for weekend duty. What are you doing here…? Well, that <i>is…</i> Here it is! I was just getting into the plot. I’d left it here. School Administration What’s so interesting about that book? It’s got its virtues.

It’s quite interesting. Actually, I wrote a song. – One more song… – Uh… Mr. Kang… Miss Yang. <i>I just…</i> Kang, Suha + Yang, Eunhee = baby They hugged, they hugged, he hugged from behind What if he really did hug her? If he did, he’s a fool. I don’t ever want to see that fool again. Doesn’t he know she’s an older woman, an old maid at that? She’s supposed to be twenty-five. But she looks much older. She’s probably seven years older than him. How could he hug such an old woman like her. He’s a fool. An idiot… She seems to wear too much lipstick. She seems to wear more powder these days. I guess turning thirty does that to you. Well make-up can’t make up for old age. Trying to look young to a man almost ten years younger than her. Pretty sad. Does she really think she can marry a man ten years younger than her? She should marry someone older. He should know better. He shouldn’t even think about marrying such an old woman. Every time I see her fake made-up face, I feel terrible.

Why’d she have to come to our school. Why isn’t she married. I hate her… Mija, did you take my shoes. Are these it? Do you know how expensive they were? Hey let me try. Here, let me, let me! Hey, give me that! Do you guys know what this is? Mr. Kang, come here. Isn’t this yours? They totally destroyed it. I swear, it wasn’t us. What? You little rascals… I saw you with my own eyes. You liars! – We swear! – We just picked it up from the ground! Why you lying little punks! Oh my.

I’m so sorry! I should have given it back to you sooner. This LP was for you… It’s my fault for not disciplining them! No, that’s not it! I shouldn’t have just left it there… I’m sorry. Hello Stop eating them! There isn’t enough for lunch. Girl, they’re hungry too! Take your shoes off. This room isn’t the playing field. They’re new. Do you want lunch or not? <i>Ma…</i> Don’t you think rice-rolls aren’t enough? You’re not the only one packing your teacher lunch? How ’bout one of our chickens! What?!! What is it a picnic or a presidential dinner? I wanted to wash my face… I didn’t know you were here. Honest! ‘ Mr. K Yeggg? – About the record… – I told you it was OK.

Don’t worry about it… You’ve really cooked a live chicken before? My family’s been running a restaurant for over 1O years. Piece of cake. Miss Yang’? There is an odd rumor going around. Have you heard? About us. That we’re going out Have you heard? Yes, I have. I’m OK with it but I’m worried about your reputation… There’s even graffitti in the bathrooms. I know, I’ve seen them. What should we do? It’s just rumor amongst kids. Don’t worry. Well.. yes, I know that. Wow, it’s hot. Go ahead… Well, actually… Over there! Isn’t that Hongyeon? Hongyeon! That was close! Weren’t you scared? The waves were really strong… It’s a good thing I could swim. Aren’t you cold? I’m fine. Thank you for everything. I love you more than life itself. I truly love you Eunhee. I fell in love you the first time I saw you…

No! It’s too obvious! – Good morning. – You look nice today. Ay! All dressed up, What you have a blind date today? Miss Yang has resigned today due to personal reasons. She’s leaving for San Francisco with her fiance. She’s only been here a year. Ay, look at you! You stink. When I heard that Miss Yang had quit, I was ecstatic. I almost clapped out loud. A woman should follow her husband. I was so haDDy, I even enjoyed cleaning the classroom. It seems that Mr. Kang is upset. He should be happy for Miss Yang. How funny. She will make a great wife. I wish her happiness. What’s with this girl. Carrying on like this by herself! Pass“. Pass“. Pass“. Pass“. Yoon, Hongyeon… Fail! Pass“. Let me borrow it. No! What now? It was a birthday present, and he keeps asking for some. You didn’t bring any? My morn said to borrow some. Where’re your crayons? My older brother took them to school. Please share yours with him. All those who aren’t prepared raise your hands! Whaddya need? By any chance… Oh, Mr. Kang, is that you? Ahh, I told him to leave again and again…

No closing remark today. Bumho, please come to the Faculty Room! Are teachers here a bunch of punks. Beating kids up and ripping up their ears? What have you done to him! Ma’am, please calm down. It’s not what you think. Calm down? How dare you! You hurt my kid and you ask me to calm down? You want to be crippled too? Please ma’am, let me go. There are kids here! I’m gonna kill you! You’ve met your match! You can laugh about this? Talk about ignorance. This is no way to treat her kid’s teacher. It’s all my fault. Sorry you had to get involved.

That’s OK. Well be careful, it’s dark outside. – Uhh… Teacher… – Yeah? What’s an elp? It’s not elp It’s called an LP. You play it on here and muslc comes out. Yeah. This was broken. I meant to throw it out… Oh~ Oh~ Oh~ – Only you~ – What are you singing, girl? You sound like a squealing pig! Why don’t you study for a change. You’re really gettin’ on my nerves. Hey, mister, hey mister. Can she borrow it? She’ll give it back. Good girl. Where’s the King of the Sea? That’s Dootae… Where are the servants? They were here a minute ago. Good? – Give it to me. – Stop fighting. FIRE! Teacher! I can’t find Nanhee! Nanhee! Nanhee! No! Teacher! – Where on earth were you? – I went poo-poo. BUMSOO! Outta my way, boy! It’s my baby in there! A teacher must continue learning in order to teach his students.

What do we know, We’ve just lived a little longer than they have. Tomorrow’s the beginning of Spring break, aren’t you excited? Yes!! Today… Today is our last day together. – Aren’t you glad? – No!! I hope you’ll still recognize me if we ever meet by chance. YES! I heard you girls get all shy and hide when you see your old teacher. No way! Then you’ll greet me even after you all get married? YES! We’ll see about that. After you all get married and get really old, we’ll see about that. You’re really leaving? It’s not much. Just a train ticket to Seoul. Oh, no. The rice is burning! You’re really leaving? Maybe…

I’ll become a farmer. Hongyeon I just feel that I’m too inexperienced to teach anyone. I’ve got a lot to learn. You do understand, right? I’ll always remember you. Hongyeon… Teacher, don’t leave. Don’t go! Don’t go! Where’re you headed? Into town to the bus station for Seoul. You’re in luck! I’m headed for Seoul. I’ll give you a ride. Teacher, this is from Hongyeon… Are you going or not? Teacher, don’t go! Teacher, don’t go! Teacher, don’t go! Teacher, don’t go!.

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