The Memory Pool of Our Lives: The Family

That is our garden. This small piece of land meant so much to her that when I met her in 2015, she directly took me there. Alina’s grandparents have this garden since she was 11 years old and since that day they build it and took care of it like their own child. After working the entire week, cleaning, cooking, travelling or studying, this garden has always been the light at the end of our tunnel, a place of refuge for everyone in the family to forget about the stress in their lives and the problems of being a grown up. This is Victor, Alina’s grandpa: loves being silent, works hard and plays his old guitar that he bought from Spain. This is Emma: always says her raw opinion and has been the mother of the whole family. Natalia: She loves to talk and the only thing she loves more than that is her kids and cooking.Marco: Loves to laugh and loves to have conversations, who also sometimes feel like a stranger in his own country because like we can’t stop talking in Hindi in India, our family finds it very difficult to stop talking in Russian.

Louis: Alina’s tiny brother who fortunately still doesn’t know the realities of life. Eugen: The uncle who is always in a happy mood, provides for his big family and helps out with everything you ask him to. But I actually thought he was in a gang when I first met him. Jana: She takes care of the kids, takes care of the family, dances and always has something to do.The cousins: Christina, Daniel, Arthur and Thomas who is sadly rarely there. Alina or as I call her: Chinka. That’s me: The bear who keeps a book of all the stories that would get lost, if nobody would be collecting them. It’s not just a place where we meet to eat, have a beer, laugh, play in the grass or lie in the sun: It’s a place where we meet to make memories. This is our garden:The memory pool of our lives.

Alina when she was 10 years old or even younger.

As found on Youtube