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You are watching Coldfusion TV Hi, Welcome to another ColdFusion video. So I’m sure if you’ve been subscribed to this channel, You have heard a lot about Elon Musk. He is the guy who seems to just have arrived from another planet to casually disrupt the world one industry at a time Many see him as one of the great industrial minds of the 21st century, the engineers engineer Even if you haven’t heard of him chances are you’re still seeing his influence.

You know that movie Ironman? As it turns out, Musk provided a large amount of inspiration for the Hollywood Character Tony Stark In fact parts of Iron Man 2 were actually filmed inside and outside of Spacex, Elon Musk’s private Rocket company Musk even made a cameo in the film You may have also heard of the Tesla model S It’s a fully electric car project spearheaded by musk and was awarded out of 5 from the National Highway safety administration, the highest rating ever given to an automobile This all comes after co-founding a payment system that you may have heard of : PayPal Coincidentally Paypal was the very same company that used to employ the founders of YouTube So who is Elon musk really? How did he achieve all of these things and what’s the story behind him in this video? We’ll find out let’s get straight into it Elon Musk was born in South Africa in 1971, his mother was a model, and his father was an engineer He was the oldest of three kids and started primary school a year early As a kid, Elon was a bit of an outsider and loved to read but got picked on for being smart Unlike his brother and sister Elon didn’t have a great social life, but didn’t mind spending time reading comics instead Despite being an outsider.

It was clear early on that he was a smart kid His brother Kimball Musk : “When Elon was ten years old, he got tested by IBM” And he was found tp have one of the highest aptitudes they’d ever seen for computer programming Around this time he had an interest in programming, and wanted to take some classes But he was way ahead of his teacher Interestingly this is the same trend that we saw with Mark Zuckerberg in the ColdFusion episode “How big is Facebook ?” At age 12 in 1983, Musk just taught himself computer programming and created a video game called blaster which he sold for five hundred (500) dollars In 1989, a 17-year old mask moved from South Africa to Canada Eventually he would move to America and attend college at the University of Pennsylvania After graduating, Musk moved to California and began graduate studies in physics at Stanford University, his main interest was space exploration But the thing was, right at this time the world was going through a revolutionary shift, the internet boom was reaching full swing After just 2 days Elon would leave Stanford and take advantage of the boom This decision would alter the course of his life and ultimately change the world After dropping out of grad school Musk quickly established his first company : Zip2 which provided online newspapers with maps and business directories, He sold the company in 1999 to Compaq for 307 million Dollars, Elon himself netted 22 million dollars out of the sale Although Zip2 revolutionize newspapers Elon was frustrated that it wasn’t a game-changer on the world stage In a matter of months Musk was on to the next project In 1999 he founded, an online payment company that eventually became Paypal, it was acquired by ebay For billion dollars in stock of which 180 million was given to Musk PayPal fundamentally changed the way people transferred money to one another and also how they bought and sold things For some context at the time It was still common for people to mail checks to each other a very slow and archaic process taking weeks to complete a single transaction Must had changed the financial industry, but now he wanted to change the course of humanity itself In 2002 he founded space exploration technologies otherwise known as Spacex Spacex is a company that creates and manufactures vehicles primarily Rocket technology, the aim To reduce the cost of spaceflight in hopes of expanding human life Beyond Earth, doing such an ambitious project Required a great deal of money Musk initially found it impossible to get funding for SpaceX which many investors saw as a pipe dream Going against traditional business practices musk channelled all his money into the company to make it a reality and a reality it became Spacex Currently has a billion dollar contract with Nasa to resupply and eventually ferry people to the international space station Musk has reduced the cost of reaching the international space station by over 80% if you want to know more about SpaceX There’s already a ColdFusion video on it so check out the description afterwards After Spacex in 2004 Musk would help fund Tesla The first tesla car the Tesla roadster [was] the first electric vehicle to break the public’s conceptual mold of an electra car after [this] came the model s of which the fastest models can do zero to 60 miles an hour and seconds of course if you Want to know more about tesla motors I’ve got a video on that as well, so [you] can check the [description] in 2013 Elon introduced his latest endeavor the hyperloop It’s a form of transportation that theoretically could send people from San Francisco to Los Angeles in half an hour by the way of pressurized tubes Of course it’s not a new idea, but Musk has overseen a competition to build the transport system to Advance the technology once again I’ve already done a video on this so you can check the description Elon is also one of the major driving forces behind Solar City a company founded by one of his cousins Under the guise of Tesla he recently bid to buy the company musk has also released the powerwall a simple battery pack designed to power the home off the grid a Video on the [Powerwall] is in the description Despite his enormous recent success.

It hasn’t all been smooth sailing both his flagship companies Spacex and Tesla Motors came alarmingly close to failing Tesla’s first electric car the roadster faced an ongoing string of problems and the company suffered financial woes during the oh 8 crash Spacex had three launch failures before the fourth one was a success on top of it all musk was going through a divorce [all] of these events took [place] in a short amount of time causing him to come close to [a] mental breakdown We’re going to hear from Elon musk himself about this period Later under the video There’s been [two] more recent problems for tesla specifically the first fatal tesla car crash with autopilot engaged recently occurred This is put tesla under federal investigation even though it’s clearly stated that autopilot is a driving aid and not fully autonomous driving Please remember that these features are meant only for highway use Keep your hands on the wheel at all times and stay [alert] Also, recently tesla has not been able to deliver cars fast enough to meet demand [wearing] some investors All right, let’s move on to a few facts about Elon musk musk was named one of the 75 most influential people of the 21st century by esquire magazine in 2013 Elon was named fortunes business person at the year for Spacex Solar City and Tesla motors Musk’s official Annual salary for Tesla Motors is just one dollar Elon has signed the giving pledge in which pledges promised to donate the majority of their wealth to philanthropic efforts on January 25th 2015 musk made an appearance on the simpsons episode titled the musk who fell to Earth He played himself and was a good sport about the episode which mainly poked fun at many of [musk’s] ideas Okay, so let’s bring this all together and make this video beneficial for you the viewer so now that you’ve seen all that is achieved It’s clear that there must be some special philosophies and successful traits that Elon possesses What are they and what can we learn [from] him? Let’s take a look? Whatever area that you get into given that you know even if you’re the best the best There’s always a chance of failure So I think it’s important that you really like whatever you’re doing if you don’t like it Life is too short [if] you like what you’re doing.

You think about it even when you’re not working? It’s something that your mind is drawn to and and if you don’t like it. You just really can’t make it work. I think There’s no need even to have a college degree If somebody graduated from a great university that maybe indeed that may be an indication that they will be capable of great things But it’s not necessarily the case You know if you look at Say people like Bill [Gates] for Larry Ellison Steve jobs These guys didn’t graduate from college, but if you had a chance to hire them of course that would be a good idea Need to work Super hot.

So what is super hard mean? Well when my brother and I were starting our first company Instead of getting an apartment. We just rented a small office, and we slept on the couch and we showered at the YMCA and We’re so hot up. We had just one computer, so the The website was up during the day, and I was coding at night Seven days a week all the time So work [hard] like every waking hour. That’s that’s the the thing I would I would say Bring your [sources] it was a terrible time Yeah, everything was going wrong at once three rocket failures in a row beginning and Tesla financing around was falling apart [or] fell apart The [Solar] [City] was having difficulties getting divorced it Was really terrible yeah? Yeah at the end of 2008 the fourth launch worked Which is really [we] that was all the money we had but nothing more and then the next morning Nasa called and said [that] grid one was one half billion dollar that makes it yeah the next morning I think it was the Tuesday night or the Wednesday night was the [was] when we closed the financing round for Tesla? And that was like [6:00] p.m.

On Christmas Eve the last hour of the last day when it was possible and we would have gone bankrupt a few hours after a few days after Christmas if if that [grounded] are closed When you had that third failure in a row did you think I need [to] pack this in [never]? Why not? [I] don’t ever give up I Mean I’d have to be dead or completely incapacitated, [so] [essentially] you don’t need a degree to be something never give up. Love what you do and work hard This seems to check out with me because if you’ve watched my how big series you’ll know that a lot of the guys that [started] Some of the world’s biggest companies today all possess these characteristics So now that you have some knowledge on keys to success the choice on how you apply it is up to you So that’s the story of elon musk [a] bit of what is doing today and some of the traits that make him [successful] when you think about it, it’s pretty cool that all these achievements We’re done by the kid he used to be bullied in school and didn’t have much of a social life Sometimes the underdog really does come out on top Thanks for watching the whole way [through] this video feel free to subscribe to this channel Give this video a thumbs up and leave a comment sharing your thoughts This has been Dagogo you’ve been watching ColdFusion TV.

And I’ll see you again soon for the next video Thanks guys enjoy yourselves and have a good one Cold Fusion, it’s new thinking.

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