Threadripper 2 rumors & giveaway, Nvidia GTX 1180 rumors, and more | The Full Nerd Ep. 57

And there we go YouTube and twitch are starting what a fancy bag you have there Gordon we are on there hello Facebook yeah we are alive on twitch hello to it it’s crazy isn’t it these bags have these like holographs what China sticker on here no I don’t know what it is well there’s this but I got that this is like I swear to god it’s from 7-eleven I got that from 7-eleven it’s really fancy obviously you weren’t joking it with the bags I thought you’re joking about the bags being nice no it’s got like more counterfeit measures and kind of money old money actually they would not take my old money there there’s the character for I guess middle on here Center but I don’t know what other character is because I’m illiterate alright looks like we are live why don’t you address alright hey everybody where were we live YouTube every Twitter Facebook yes periscope no liveleak be cool what you don’t know what live leak is you’re lying you’re lying it’s a political thing I get it thanks Nala tix no no live leak is not a political thing it’s basically where anybody can it’s the four can of video basically you put anything up there the 4chan of video that’s pure freedom anarchy you know kind of like whatever hey everybody we are gonna be talking all rumors Brad you notice Brad is not here see there’s no TV here right in here so Brad does not like to talk we don’t like I’m gonna tell you this Brad does not like talk about rumors it’s like oh that’s that’s unfounded that’s just pure speculation he’s just way too like you know professional so he’s not here so we have to be professional i I can’t even catch up on all the rumors I was trying to catch up on them there’s been a lot yeah it’s crazy they’re gonna probably rumors and what’s in this bag weren’t come by the giveaway in this bag it’s awesome can’t go crinkle crinkle already been spoiled because it’s in the title it’s in the photo there’s no title thread Ripper to give away that shirt dude do not you have to make sure you say that oh my god 32 core throw dripper what yeah yeah everyone in here is saying they they want a free 32 cool I’m just getting know they know it’s the shirt okay okay all right there you go yes it looks like we are holding steady let me double check twitch real quick it’s not saying okay there we go yep alright let’s do it wait a minute let’s go let’s go where the heck that were 57 here at 57 yes Wow we’re gonna talk about thread rapport to rumors I miss a lot of Invidia eleven eighty rumors dwell yeah anymore okay nvidia 1180 there should be a gtx 1180 right do do yeah I’ll get to watch the sausage being made right I suppose if you’re now everybody who doesn’t know this is the best time when you go to your boss and you go like hey I gotta check this out they’re gonna be talking about technology might actually apply to or work and I work environment where there might be you know technology involved needs to keep up on it this is your airline yeah I gotta go watch this just don’t let your boss see it uh use the PC world name to go like oh that’s legitimate this is real stuff what’s this hey check this out we got a Lopez 580 you know regular for the show he said he’s watching us on a 40 inch TV today Wow you know so get right up there and our pores we’re not deaf good thing we’re not 4k that’d be like we’d have to be like I use were you just gonna like airbrush everything on the makeup also a Jing Jinxy Jinxy Chen on YouTube saying that they would trade their thread Ripper 1950 X for the t-shirt really really wow I’m ready in this epilate this camera or that camera yeah I always look at that camera I’m over at the wrong tile work cuz look at Brad here yeah alright in this episode of full nerd rumors rumors rumors and one cool ass t-shirt giveaway sorry sometimes the the PC here it doesn’t just work like an apple oh oh you get get out there right out alright alright now hold on restart all right do it in this episode of the full nerd rumors rumors rumors and one cool ass t-shirt giveaway there we go I got a racist I can collect my paycheck welcome to the full nerd episode 57 I’m your host Gordon Heung Brad charkas is on vacation with but we get Alinea I’m Betty and of course Adam Patrick Murray who has all of the control Gordon you’re just about to go away for the 4th of July right yes I am a nice little trip what do you like to do to celebrate the 4th of July we just hang out we eat barbecue are you are you a big barbecue fan well I do like to barbecue but easily because I’m basically there with in-laws for about five days they don’t watch this but it gets a little about the end it’s pretty hard you know you’re spending a lot of time with in-laws but it’s a great time we share cooking duties so there’s barbecue usually sometimes some days and then we go to a place to watch the fireworks yeah I was like up in Oregon Tahoe up in sea Ranch California in Northern California which is on on the inches basically sitting around doing nothing going Beach and pointer on there great place for fireworks well I mean well you know so do you learn to light your own fireworks or you’d like to watch other people you know I used to when I was a kid and you know I’m Chinese so I always had access to fireworks but I know I don’t really I don’t do it anymore you know it’s just kind of like and you know most of the Bay Area cities you can’t really have fireworks so I don’t tell that to the people in Oakland because people are lighting up fireworks all night long now I will say that is true so I don’t like to do maybe that’s just guns I generally don’t like explosives like personally I don’t like explosives because I like my hands but Oakland is a special place on the 4th of July because it really is the entire city is just in there actually fireworks there are not they’re not objects made of lead and coated with copper going up so it’s actually it’s actually a good place New Year’s is a different story because there’s no fireworks in New York again you definitely want to be inside with the Kevlar on you know in I lived in Salt Lake City for ten years and they celebrate Utah’s independence on the 24th of July so not only do you get my life or if you get the 24th and it’s just fireworks non-stop in July they celebrate their state independence yes not independence I’m sorry like when they be join the union yeah so like literally fireworks all month long it’s you know yeah oh it isn’t and every day sure yeah we kind of us I I was just in I was on an island in in in the bay and they they it was they had Civil War it was cool to actually had a civil 12-pound simulated Civil War cannon they fired off well my daughter Marianne and her friend got to fire the thing sort of that’s pretty cool the Rangers like oh yeah can I have two volunteers I’ll have those two and they’re like are you gonna have the maxi fire this 12 pound camera watch out for the kickback yeah but knows because you know they give them that they help clean it out there’s like a you know the procedure you do to make sure that when you put the next charge in it doesn’t actually explode on you so you have to you know you there’s a wand you tamp it down with water to make sure it’s it’s a little wet so Amber’s don’t actually explode when you put the next charge in well it could could you use like a wet t-shirt to shove it in there wet t-shirt yeah it was getting us back on see happy takes us off the tracks and he puts us on the track yeah there could be a wet t-shirt in would be in this awesome I carried this is the bag up she carried this back would you actually risk getting that wet what’s register no you went to the rear so this the bag is pretty awesome to the bag all with me and we are gonna be giving away you if you saw the interview with Jim Anderson of AMD we did at Computex this is a shirt we said we were gonna give away we actually finally got off her butts and did it so it is a limited limited edition second gen Rison thread Ripper for the full name for people no it’s not created with heavy metal they just released a video on this it’s got the logo on this and on back what I really love is this this is what makes this shirt even more special it is actually signed by none other than Lisa Sue and Jim Anderson I witnessed them signing it so it’s not just the students real inside of myself I get to so these tour dates and that’s we can see you know three / / – this shirt by the way is so that I talked to some aim the employees at the event in copy Texas and we didn’t give their shirts okay all right this shirt is especially rare nerd sorry excel only so if you’re well see that’s how I was asking a you know like some people were less when we announced it somebody was like oh what size is it and I think you would said XL you know when someone’s like oh man like who’s I I’m asking you guys are would you want this shirt to wear or are you gonna put it up you’re gonna frame it cuz I mean who cares what the size is right you know you know I’m with you I mean I do think it’s it’s like if you have sportsman memorabilia do you wear it you know you don’t you don’t like get a basketball signed by the Warriors and then go dribble out the core you you’re gonna put it in a little case also you know what I think we’ll I you know we didn’t put it in this in the the post which I just put in the chat so if you want to go to the giveaway I put a link in the chat but it’s also on PC WorldCom you can just go there there’s a widget it’s free to enter and somebody can but only us legal residents and a couple places in Canada I can enter legalese sorry but yeah the you know I was actually thinking it’s probably worth more knowing that the you know you carried around this you know all through your travels in Taipei you know I did yeah in fact and and what I did was I transported by Gordon I did not put it in my luggage because I was like I didn’t Wow you like a briefcase like I put it and I put it in the plastic bag because I didn’t want like something leaked out or something I didn’t want good thinking good planning it’s a cool stuff you know I I do wonder you know for me you know there maybe I’m just getting old or something but I sort of think there is some collectible kind of like coolness to having signatures of people for technology items which is pretty rare I mean you did have that done in secret but is it was math stamped on so you first you know the original Macintosh I think was signed by the team right so and a lot of the CPUs there’s actually internal signing of things so I think there’s a cool thing too you know people are excited for this shirt so I you know go go in and get your entries you can get actual extra entries for for becoming a subscriber to twitch and YouTube and Twitter and you don’t have not you don’t have to free what is it called a free to enter no or no purchase necessary right there we go you know a lot of people are saying they put it up but we got ITX gaming on YouTube says he’s gonna wear it to his wedding yeah it’s that cool there are a lot of people that do like for my wedding I got to tell you like so nerd nerd them here like in the wedding toppers in our cake we’re not a layered okay what you still have at home Frank game show two action figures authentic you know vintage you know Star Wars land hauntings so we are Star Wars fans that’s all obviously but yeah I don’t know about you could wear it under your you probably we’re gonna have to wear it underneath you know I got to say we do have a couple of good questions about this you know where we’re sticking on this giveaway for a minute cause it’s important New York camel on I guess sure does it come with a sign note of authenticity how do you know that you didn’t just sign it yourself Oh as Lisa sue I can attest to it and I guess we could have like a well there is no I will say I witnessed because I was at Computex you know they announced a 32 for second gen third of her people lost her mind it was a mad rush and it was like a van Halen concert which is like I liked it it was really like a rock concert was just crazy because people like they lost it over that and then I actually cuz we got the shirt and said hey is it possibly got Lisa to sign this in and the person got him sorry i I’m blinking under name I think which I apologize for she I said oh yeah I’ve got a silver pen I saw Lisa actually physically sign it so you have to you can refer to this YouTube video when you sell this shirt in five years so look at this YouTube video look that’s proof right well it is on YouTube so it must be true and then if you during the interview dan and I can both attest that we did see Jim Anderson sign it as well another question where was it over on Twitch by crap game crap with the K so might be a game actually crap Gordon did you sign it personally how come you didn’t sign out oh come on that’s just not you know I as a journalist as an observer I don’t think it’s it’s something that you know it’s it’s it’s this is about AMD it’s about the vendor it’s about the cool hardware it’s it’s not about the journalists it never it never should frankly be about the journalists as much as the world is oddly going that way it should be about would you sign a full nerd shirt yeah sure certainly we could do that you get those made everybody yeah we hear you I I am actively looking into it full nerd I mean oh and you know what I ain’t got my Paul you know I like this I saw every time I see Paul from Paul’s Harbor Paul’s Harbor he’s like oh yeah I was I was like Paul where’s my shirt you promised me five years ago and I oh yeah let me he gave me a card this time on I should just pay for the shirt and then also the last time gamers exes Steve was like oh yeah sure actually Nexus is that cool big work pad he’s gonna send that to but I think he sold them all he’s like oh I guess in your freebie or I make money I make money yeah how do you got the same thing I have to Bob to buy them I think so yeah you know I gotta say it’d be awesome to get a full just a bunch of you know tech people on the stage somewhere and just talk about new technology that’d be interesting you know that would be some fun super fun yeah I mean it could be you know as long as it’s somebody can really be the if somebody could really be the zookeeper over that because I I am afraid it could turn into yeah I do sometimes but so you need a moderator for the panel like realistic with a can of mace that’s a lot kinder now you know I’ve been knew this for a long time there were definitely more newer more competitive spirits before so with that people weren’t as nice to each other but now I swear to God it’s a different world everybody’s just really cool to each other so awesome cool well that is our giveaway once again I put it a link in the chat I’ll put it there again I’m gonna put it in the the description but yeah and you can also go to PC world comm there’s a little widget signup no purchase is necessary and you get some extra entries and we’re gonna run it for a couple weeks because because of the holiday next week we’re not going to be in to do or not all of us are gonna be here to do a full nerd so we’ll announce the winner that next week whatever that data is I think it’s 12 what is that no yes no tents so go to the website don’t don’t listen where were saying someone didn’t take notes on it oh cool I mean and on that note speaking of thread ripper – am i speaking of 2nd gen rise and thread Ripert yes that’s it what’s all the speculation when yeah since you got Lisa to sign this and she gave you all the details about thread ripper – why don’t you just tell us you know yeah my wife I just let us down – but what’s up with that yeah so ok I’m just gonna I’m just gonna preface this again we typically do not talk about rumors unless we sort of feel that they are credible enough to talk about because brad is just a bucket and no fun I’m talking about rumors and what’s to keep everything responsible as you can tell Brad is on here so we’re talking about the rumors there’s and they are just a ton of rumors Brett and we’re talking about this because Brad’s on vacation and then every time yeah that’s totally not credible cuz we know he’s not listening right now which is that and I gotta say like that the 2990 extra look at this yeah it’s probably just our our Wi-Fi which I wish there was a McDonald’s and everybody’s like yeah I’m on a different Wi-Fi network so you can use mine if you want but yeah so there’s a leak that the second general there’s actually some benchmarks out there people probably already know about this came out about a week ago but the model number is going to be twenty nine ninety x twenty nine ninety nine ninety x of 32 cores 64 threads compatible with the tr4 socket of course which we all knew but there’s actually a sin bench number in which payment would you like me to pull it up did you put that and flecked as my thing I think I am anyway I think oh I got it right here yes like I’d saved it because I knew that our Wi-Fi would quit quality stuff we got and there is actually yeah there was a CPC shot of it there’s and it looks pretty real of course the TDB is 250 which I think it’s sort of a soft fact I think non-tech did say a while ago in cut rest had coverage saying it was 250 watts for the 32 core part and also the 24 car park I have not confirmed any of that with AMD necessarily I think there’s sort of hey you know what we’re just gonna save that and then also performance though which is interesting because somebody did post a Cinebench screenshot and the 2990 x looks like their best run was 6463 99 it’s pretty I mean that’s pretty good what it Intel get on there 28 core liquid chilled 5 gigahertz part all core looks like 7300 I can’t remember no clue so I have seen people go like it’s interesting because I’ve seen it spun one way which is like oh wow this is pretty awesome 6400 and then I’ve also seen people go like oh the retro / – with 32 cores 4 more cores fails to beat Intel’s 28 core part but it’s just like come on this is we don’t know any I would not take much and this is the reason why Brad doesn’t like talk about this stuff I wouldn’t take any of this that seriously until we get the parts this looks pretty real but final performance is going to change because final clocks final bios’s all kinds of things are gonna change cooling effects it so I wouldn’t put too much stock in the performance but it does look about right I mean that’s just a huge let me just give you an idea where do we get here we got so uh so a ten-course 17900 X I can’t read this one are you talking about that image she put in selection yeah should I put it up on screen yeah once you go ahead and pop it up there all right let me show and tell today yeah especially the the audio listeners love it when we do show and tell yeah we do show I just told them what it is I love is I can get everything except the actual Internet is it that one I think how the screenshot has something blurred out yeah what’s up with that it’s just and it’s in red – I don’t know what that don’t want you to know what it is yeah that actually is an interesting mystery right so whoever had the access to this alright here we go okay that looks like crap but I put it up I did it right so okay yeah yeah cool or another one later – I guess um but yeah so we’re looking at someone who apparently you know claims to have had a thread ripper 2990 X assuming that’s what it’s going to be called and 6400 there’s like four runs of it open speeds wait so who do you think this image where did where do people get this so this is you know usually it’s partners there is somebody you know in most likely Taiwan or somewhere who has two part access to it and they were able to get this shot I think is out of HK PC originally mm-hm so we’ve got to give them due credit and they it’s typical I mean the industry leaks like a sieve there everybody talks to each other cuz you know everybody talks and everybody talks and then these leak and and I don’t think AMD is gonna necessarily think this is bad right this is this is some this is some stuff right I kind of wonder what my cinnamon score was for 79 80 for 18 core it was probably 10 cores 2184 I’m gonna guess maybe 4k no yeah on their site said that I guess the form of maximum PC you guys they said they got about 4,000 yeah that’s in a bench on the 18 course this is you know it’s healthy you’re looking at 6,400 versus 4,000 of course you know I I do know that I just venner he’s like what I think there’s more to actual performance than just Cinebench it’s like everybody’s just like into the Cinebench game I still love it because it’s a repeatable to lose control but it’s it there’s more to it and I think what the one takeaway is not everybody’s really gonna use 64 threads of compute right so it’s just not going to happen you know we have a couple of people kind of guessing to figure out what is we got bug bug lovers Tech on YouTube says it’s a 2800 X yeah that’s what I was wondering right we also have oh and why camel on says the red is an Intel 8 core Intel apart though because look how short that name is relative to the AMD one yeah because it would wrap around the entire screen red rubber right yeah I could see that I could see that being an 8 core intel part put it you know night I think it’s like yeah it’s it’s it is 2,800 X part that may be the 2800 XR gonna be you know Bend rise in parts that so eight cores and high o’clock or is it possible no no there’s no way to beat ten course I just I just don’t see it because the dyes aren’t they’re so good they no no two dies yeah I guess it’s possible I suppose right because it’s two dies in a in a Zeppelin to Zeppelin dies in in Horizon 2700 X kind of my brain is just gone the problem you watch where is your brain work but when you when you have too many rumors floating around in your brain any rumor that’s why yeah cuz I mean really you could trace yourself down this rabbit hole forever right so that’s the problem with even talking about rumors the rumor rabbit hole so yeah what is that part that what would they yeah I mean so the thing is that someone said there’s eight core and Intel but I don’t know about that because right underneath is the ten core part that’s pretty recent also I mean we have a question a NYT raiser on youtube says uh what was the point in blurting it out anyway do you thing that’s coming up or why would they leak this image but also at the same time blur something out I wonder if it is something that identifies the source right like they the only ones who have that part right now or something I mean but assume that this is an intel part maybe then you would assume you know or somebody at Intel leaked this and they’re like well we got to we got to blur this out he’s like wait but then I just showed that if you’re on the Intel side leaking this right I don’t know I mean I guess that there’s I’m wondering if it is some on yet known or unnamed part because look there’s also red in there so it’s almost like they’re purposely trying to cover-up the ability to determine what the name of it is okay red is not there naturally in Cinebench true be a bummer if they remember when so something’s trying to real hard to cover that up well not hard I mean they really wanted to just cut it out I would just you know do a block it out and just fill it with black just boom yeah all gone huh yeah I I would think because yeah I think Alana’s got a point it’s it’s something that obviously this is like oh we know who the hell leaked this or – there is it is a somewhat this is some amount of controlled leak right as a lot of people do suspect that you know they’re sort of like whispers like yeah let’s leaks start to leak performance data or something like that and as possible they they were allowed to leak this but not not that or someone’s this troll and Internet we’re somewhat wrong here I mean photoshop skills are amazing right so I should just make Photoshop fake Photoshop images and just like seed them all so Derek Morrison saying WCC F Tech has an uncensored image oh really I don’t know really cuz I thought they got it from each K PC yeah I don’t know but also look we have shaking jock on YouTube says the blurred parts is the real test after that it loads the text files with the false thread Ripper scores it’s an easy cheap yeah okay it says W CCF Tech right yeah the article I’m looking at right here which is the one that’s titled well that’s a long title it’s the one about performance and overclocking and all that it has the censored image as well oh yeah because I maybe it’s a Photoshop job maybe somebody put something back in making sure the numbering is still accurate v that is the weakness of rumours though but I you know I clearly you know one thing that should be said again is the thread report the second gen read Ripper that AMD had if you look at some of our pictures of it he was a production part and they had actually covered up the model number so they are really ready to you know things ready to go Derek follows up and says that the title of the article on w-c-c F Tech is Intel flagship coffee like s8 Core es CPU gets Cinebench benchmark leaked with with the with the third Ripper on top of it I guess I don’t know yeah I gotta say I was really hoping to see the a core part at Computex but it didn’t show up that’s so that rumors out there too right so again this is another rumor there is oh that’s why people were saying eight core okay I see what’s a credit omit and that’s why it’s red okay who’s where’s the credit for that image um let me look did I see a watermark on top it looks like it came from Twitter originally but I’m not sure whose this I mean the other way you said I could put posters right no okay I see so it supposedly the eight core coffee League race flagship processor that’s why people are saying it’s a court okay I guess right right right I’m just behind on news y’all but I mean I even that itself is of course still not confirmed tell I’m hoping it’s a DAT 8k version maybe that’d be cool right but that’s not gonna happen do you have the link to that article yeah yeah sure that mother was what clock doesn’t say it’s running at but no kid I don’t I don’t believe that over 70 hundred x with 10 cores yeah seems a little strange so the source is unknown yeah yeah I mean this is the part of the rumors that Brad really wouldn’t want us to wade into right dude I mean who’s gonna buy I can’t see 5 you know an eight-core coffee lake part outperforming a 10 core sky like X so it’s just not gonna no way that was that broad well there was it either way it’s just I mean it’s not gonna really happen unless the clocks are way up there yeah and they if it’s saying of course you know 3-1 is probably the base clock so we’ll see right for all we know it’s overclocked I you know that’s that’s why people love to play this game and I know that’s why people like to talk about rumors but I wouldn’t put too much stock in it final parts don’t always match what you see so don’t get updating with the new image sorry kiss me give me a second we got a show are you gonna do that so there’s he’s at the bar he just slammed his beer stein down what genuine Intel CPU zero zero zero zero eight core at 310 is clocking a little higher than a 10 core at 3 2 or 3 3 yeah those rubber base clocks I I just had long trysting I have a hard time believing it back competitive without it being for 7900 X yeah you’d have to be caught there pretty good for that to happen interest you know stock lockers or what I don’t know who knows so um interesting very interesting for the CP I mean like yeah you got the rumors for actually senses all rumors we got thread wrapper clearly coming twenty maybe twenty nine ninety X out seems pretty solid 32 cores we don’t know price nobody’s claimed this to say with the prices still taking bets on that one I could tell you no one’s gonna know no one is gonna know what the price of that and as you watch the internet over there whenever whenever the launch date is there’s gonna be price leagues I wouldn’t put any any any gram salt into any of those because as we know with the original launch a Verizon and also the right of a birthday prices are held very very close yes I mean it really is the people who sign this shirt know how much it cost and that’s like that’s about it well but even then I mean that it could fluctuate towards the Android I mean yeah it’s probably not even sitting stone right cuz it’s always a chess move right because they have to anticipate where Intel it’s gonna come in until clearly has a part coming skeptical internet doesn’t believe it there’s good they got a park coming so they got a they got a rat you have to be in the right place with the right price side note we have a question burning question from Jinxy Chang does my motherboard need two times eight pins power to overclock through a dripper 32 cores do you know I have no idea but it’s a rumor so I’m gonna say yes and no I would I have no idea looks like an overclocked spider which is good so but it’s you know still clearly a workstation part kind of converted for desktop but I’m gonna guess you do need a ton of power for this it’s 250 watts TEP on that thing for thermals so it’s not a fidget spinner right here yeah I can hear it yeah this one this I’m still rocking this RGB one except for this one the batteries drain so it stops after a bit but yeah the bearings in this are real nasty I should have grabbed my my my other one sorry I mean my new razor one the bearings in that one are nice sigh one here yeah anyway GP anyway yes no anymore any more things to cover on this I don’t think there is and of course we have a core coffee lake part which sounds like I don’t know CES maybe I would think or maybe Gamescom or something that late you think so yes I mean they’re looking for you know they sort of have to slot them into a launch party mean it’s clearly something that’s out there I think maybe maybe games come August maybe for that a core part maybe this is all rumor and speculation ain’t no one knows well we got a another question from enigma tastic on a sub on twitch since what was the hint seat confirmed as included it is not it is an optional icky thing okay so they know they basically know no pressure is given this is the wraith Ripper because we had it in our video and same as I go just a regular heat taken in for like you know they basically wanted to have an option for people and and it makes sense if they included that with the CPU the box would be bigger than a shoebox from one and then also it would cost more so a lot you know if it does not seem like a cheap heatsink so it makes sense not to include it I gotta say so too and to clear it up it doesn’t come with any cooler no cooler at all come with it’ll be a processor and something regardless yeah I mean remember the original throat I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s new thread Ripper packaging because that collectible you know packaging was pretty cool right in the journal thread Ripper neat stuff keep it on the shelf and I think there won’t be a heatsink okay too expensive and you know they know that you know 80 80 to 90 percent of people who build a 32 core system with a you know $1500 or $1200 GP or are not going to use the box seats think you know they’re gonna have their own cool if they want to use yeah you’re gonna you know want to run you know liquid you could run whatever or so it’s it’s just an option they want people to have what an option it is I got you know I’m I’m interested to see if they redesign the box or do they just have a ton of the old boxes sitting around I mean I got to say for 8086 K I was a little disappointed it wasn’t in a cooler box you know but still you know until doesn’t do cool boxes right yeah it’s tough on their scale because I mean but I mean they could you know what I would have liked to seen if they had introduced some of the packaging from that original launch 86 K people were not there were no retail parts weren’t buying themselves but they could have like done a vintage kind of like I know vintage paper 1980s what would it look like it would look so were they could’ve used like the ancient Intel logo that like rounded edge thing from the late late 70s probably yeah that would have been cool I mean there there is some opportunity you just printed on a box so it’s not like you have to do anything extra special for production yeah there’s got to be a way to make the 8086 cave and more collectible want to figure out a way so so just to confirm jinx he’s asking did you see the box of thread ripper two at Computex or no didn’t know boxes there are no retail boxes so the only thing that people saw the media saw where the actual CPUs which we’re told were you know near production parts we saw the heatsink we saw system set up so okay and that’s pretty much it Ian cutters actually had a story and I’ve not verified this with AMD they say don’t go pound sand basically talking about how the memory configuration is because remember there’s four dies in the thread Ripper second gen second gen third Ripper so right now they’re the memory controllers on both of them are hot on the on the current throat upper because you have to realize two dead dies two dummy die Sims whatever you want to call it and Ian’s story basically said that memory access will be through the second the right through to the will be through the thread rippers so you know number three number four will talk through number one and number two through the Infinity fabric I have not confirmed that with AMD I mean I guess you know so it’d be interesting we’ll have to wait and see I mean clearly it’s months away at this point couple months anyway weren’t you thinking like August maybe yeah probably August I think is what they were officially a month yeah months away two months okay still money go the very end of the line that’s like two months that’s this yeah I guess it sound like it’s you know see yes time or something no no not see yes time but yeah you know we don’t I just we don’t know you know we’re clearly they’re still finishing up some stuff and they’re gonna tell us what it is so I again I wouldn’t put too much talking and in all the rumors which is the weakness of rumors right so you know is coming out around CES time wink wink oh right gee no that’s not true eleven eighty that’s not true at all see yes Segway I heard see you alive yes confirmed I heard July but where’d you hear that no I heard GDC confirmed you know three confirmed you know what I liked is immediately at copy text everything like shifted because everybody says give me copy text and it immediately was an earth it’s gonna be July I don’t earn it’s gonna be August yeah yeah so maybe we should back up and go over what these rumors have been yeah I’m sure most everyone listening to us already knows them but just for people who maybe not haven’t been yeah there have been many right people who don’t know and Cydia is working on new cards the the 2000 series right or is it 1100 series who know who knows right right it is the yeah I know it’s like yeah so the the next generation I what I like is nobody even knows what it is right it’s not Volta right is now it’s now Turing isn’t there another one oh ampere right so this is like I don’t even know and then there is I saw something the other day was like because it was his Alan Turing’s my Kevin I’m massacring his last name turns last his birthday so says I just could confirm something Oh I think Nvidia put out a tweet saying his birthday alright everybody throw herself clearly now now for people look at rumors I can judge it I feel like the thread ripper to second gen thread over those seem like pretty pretty firm rumors right I mean there’s something there I don’t know about the Nvidia rumors they are really the reason why it’s not really a good idea to pay too close attention to rumors right I mean everywhere also the thing with Nvidia is that they can literally drop it at any moment right you know like they do you think they’re just pseudo I’m saying this look just they dance people dance I mean what uh as opposed to like manufacturing problems or they’re just not getting that maybe they’re just waiting just because they can you know just squeezing as much money that as they can out of the now not so terrible prices for you know cards or what if they’re waiting for AMD to announce Vega to and then immediately release right maybe they’re waiting for AMD to do something I think that just so they can counter I think that used to be the way things were done with him video but clearly there’s been a lack of execution on on AMD graphics side as far as getting newer parts launched so III think they were I think there’s other reasons I mean you know we’re in this weird bubble to because of the whole cryptocurrency thing which is starting to improve which is improving you were just second prices right they’re almost better for the most part when I see a deal now they’re at MSRP but deal and being announced kind of tells you that it’s not actually just you walk into a store get it for the list price and then walk out the door but at least the quote-unquote deal prices are the normal prices again that’s just like GG X 1080 the other day was 495 that was an EVGA model so that’s pretty good I just want to show the back it’s better and the other thing I think is interesting is it because they’re the 1180 rumors because it seems like everybody’s cell dong it’s gonna be called 1180 it’s not going to be called 2080 your g-force a or so but if they did if they did go back mm numberings then you can get up to the 8800 again pretty soon g-force FX you know fifty six hundred fifty eight hundred they could do that just they’ve yeah they’ve it’s like the odometer it’s rolled over because we roll the rolled over multiple times but on 1180 I the rumors are insane and I don’t know what’s up because this morning I just was looking in somebody on Reddit posted a picture of a PCB like a test PCB that’s supposed to be you know Turing volta ampere or whatever the heck it is I had a 3/8 pin power clearly was just a test mock up PCB and I had 12 gigs of Gd or six I think 384 memory interface I mean II speak I mean I know it’s a test like piece of equipment but seriously 3/8 pin connectors yeah I mean I it’s not gonna it is not it’s not gonna happen right it’s just not there’s no I don’t believe that in video we’ll be releasing a three pin with everyone’s cable management they’ve been they’ve been touting for how many generations now the fact that they have a lower TDP on their cards I can’t imagine them going back to a higher you know draw well so and of course you know I love this because that that’s why we talk about the rumors the rumors are just here to keep your head spinning I think this one is from TechRadar and they’re saying 1180 3584 CUDA cores compared to 10 80s 2560 and they’re also saying 200 watt TDP so not 180 current you know 10 days 180 TDP on a stock card so a little more power I don’t know is that true who knows I’m just right stuff right now and this is the reason why Brad hates the stuff cuz I know no you don’t know who knows what’s real right wait what sorry just go back for a second what was the Twitter account that the the tweeted Turing’s birthday what was I think it was in video and video just we did a happy birthday Alan Turing right right so you could I’m just gonna go to their Twitter account see if they I could pull out any of them any other rumors you know I would if I had oh wait am i this may actually be worried days ago nvidia tweeted that yeah so somebody ran in like oh this is confirmation of something yeah the confirmation of Jim saying happy birthday Alan Turing actually hey they have a cute photo from Pride Parade in San Francisco this weekend that that’s actually a nice photo Jennsen I mean I mean yeah I’m gonna I’m just gonna just the people I I don’t know like I’m gonna read you this headline I just did a search for Alan Turing in video top story of course is Google so it’s it’s bended toward me because I didn’t do this incognito Nvidia celebrate Alan Turing’s birthday comma gtx 1180 confirmed week down I love I love sometimes how we’re able to scrape together some kind of stories people are just it’s funny though right I mean it’s weird because I mean we’re kind of I would I ask if Lisa su and humanity katana sure I was kinda like I’ll be kind of cool right kind of funny in a way but we’re sort of at that point where it feels like people who make parts for PC gaming for PC enthusiasts are sort of like celebrities yeah and like it’s like the in more and we the tech media have been turned into paparazzi like we’re standing around like standing around will not TMZ we’re saying around the outside or some celebrities house waiting for them to leave to get a cup of coffee like well they might be 1180 they said hey happy birthday Alan Turing you know what I think Jensen was in San Francisco for the Pride Parade to show off 11 80s really yeah that’s I mean here we put it on their Twitter oh yeah you’re making that up now confirmed what what was the other one no said there was a test board did you see this test boards yeah you want to see it you got a link no we’re sorry let me tell this is hot hardware everybody picked up that prototype card I’m just glad I’m just got Brad hasn’t come in the chat yet on vacation yeah Brad I see has a remote kill switch when he’s on the show all right let me get this graphic loaded and then we can bring it and there’s a prototype card so is this the one with the the multiple pins yeah and I guess apparently it has a NV link on there may be linked to yeah I mean I could see this being like a next-generation high in Titan card but I can’t see this being uh-oh weird this isn’t an equivalent of a 1080 or even a 1080 – yeah it’s possible but I don’t think so and who knows you know I I don’t know the rumors are just they’re out of control right now especially with NVIDIA people are like anything like it does feel like it does feel like you know celebrity gossip sites almost it’s weird I can’t save it as a JPEG so right where you have to manufacture something to talk about because there’s nothing to talk about just yet anything anything at all oh my god JLo went to go get a cup of coffee Kristen nobody knows who JLo is anymore are there any current celebrities that I don’t Jennifer Lawrence ninja ninja turtles knows what the streamers the the guy who does all the the for tonight streaming ninja is the celebrity really him and Drake I’m too old to really I’ve announced to Drake he’s a celebrity right yeah so when srage spotted walking down Sunset Boulevard with a cup of Starbucks when it’s Drake’s birthday we need to find this out remember my idea so my problem is is all the names like Alan Turing you know you have like coffee lake you’ve got you’ve got Zen all those kind of I really think they should use celebrity names and fast food because it’s hard to relate as a regular person to you know a mathematician from England and you know things concepts we don’t understand that’s why I think it should be like CPU should have celebrity names and then maybe GPUs could have like fast food or something like that chicken McNuggets for the new 10 nanometer process CPU you’d understand like oh the beeper but then you’d pick like dilemmas nobody likes right when altro oh yeah they’re working out the new seminary meter cell tower we just get too hungry if everything was named after food fast food del Taco sometimes yeah all right just like certain eliminate real quick we got a speculation here on a rumor uh Marshall Uranus GTX 1180 rumor points to possible September launch Oh confirmed all confirm so by the way could come in July August or September confirmed yeah sorry that that previously mentioned person on YouTube is saying you know that we should talk about GPP but I’m saying maybe there that’s the reason why they’re pushing it off is because they’re laying all the new groundwork for the new GPP and it’s not ready yet I think GPB is definitely uh yeah that’s that’s something that’s gonna be deep-six they I understand they took that tied some cement sacks to it and threw in the river the name anyway who knows you know but who knows what Oh clearly that was not a good look sidenote chat has caught up with some some interesting names for GPU names oh yeah weird fries AMD McConaughey see that jalapeno nacho it runs hot spicy burrito yeah yeah it’s so hard to like coffee like especially when you go like coffee like isolate candidly I which is what we too many lakes too many legs Big Mac would you really want a lake full of whiskey yeah I know our boss John would yeah so for you know those code names are actually they’re just geographical areas near Intel places that develop CPUs or parts of Intel so generally but you know be like interesting right like I could I could keep it straighter if I knew like oh they’ve got the new ooh they’ve got the new whopper coming up five nanometer whopper process okay got it rook quick hit man 45 on twitch he found Drake’s birthday October 24th 1180 October 24th confirmed do you think that’s gonna confirm 2080 yes the Drake addition also enigma enigma’ tastic your YouTube sub is asking do you know about the leaked NVIDIA NDA document no I haven’t even heard about that was a Germany today a couple tech media released their statement about the new Nvidia NDA’s they signed what how is that even leaked oh that thing yes I do know about that what is that so I can I’m did you sign this document I have not actually signed it but I do understand when so why why would anybody even care because it’s a hint that something could be happening I mean why would you have somebody signed a document for an NDA for something that’s not out yet what if it’s gonna be out soon as is as I understand it is just simply an update they’re asking everybody who covers Nvidia and who does agree to go to non-disclosure meetings to sign these documents enigma tastic says it’s video cards with a Z yeah I mean so what it is is it’s just like any any technology company there’s they’re called non-disclosure agreements you sign them and if you disclose the information outside the parameters that agreement then they can really slap your hand so where’s Gordon where there’s smoke there’s fire just tell us when is the new 1180 coming out just I gotta tell ya it’s gonna come in July August or September imagine it on October 24 Oh also another good CPU named Ricki Lake wait who’s that the old the old nice Lake coffee Ricki Lake on the AMD side we got wallet Ripper Ripper oh I like that one or shouldn’t L Ripper you know I have for a long time in trying to I’ve always wanted to talk to to find out the exact process for how the code names are created as these companies but nobody like that even that process itself I I’ve been told no we don’t wanna talk about that so we should have somebody on just to talk about process name like yeah you know and I and I’m I always love you know to do uncle you know grandpa Simpson like talking about the old days so way way back I am Dee actually they had an e CP Godwin was this this must have been like post Athlon before 64 but they I can’t remember the name in the CPU anymore but they had a CPU and they’re like okay well what’s the code name we don’t want to give you the code name we’re not using code names it’s like why like well basically there’s some concern lawyers who are always no fun making people sign NDA’s for stuff they their concern is the code names in the past have been so popular for our CPUs that people they’re afraid they’re gonna lose control of the patent or something like it’s as like a it’s like a trademark because because people get so enamored I mean AMD does pick some really good code names right they had way back yet Palomino you had God just like my that is like a long time ago you had Thunderbird and they’re just all kinds of different and and they were like we don’t want to give you this code name because the lawyers are concerned people are gonna use it so much there will be no value to it and the trademark you have to defend it otherwise so people just don’t they and of course they eventually said oh yeah this is not working so it creates a buzz you know gets people hyped up for it because there’s something too sterile about just a part name or you know just a designation yeah I mean I really did like bulldozer as a name that’s pretty yeah that wasn’t really good that was a great code name that unfortunately was you know not a great well it’s just no I mean it was accurate cuz but the boulders oh sorry the bulldozer wasn’t going outward it was going English well yeah I think my review of it back then was like we didn’t expect it to actually be as fast as a bulldozer yeah hot takes for my guess he get away with that a maximum PC he’s it on is it no it was not it was not a it was not the bulldozer days everybody can admit we’re not I mean they’re fine parts for what they are in the price they’re at but that is not where they wanted to be with bulldozer it was like yeah it was not her it was not a good luck so that’s it was a miscalculation that was you know it was actually really hard to recover from I mean but you can say if you didn’t have bulldozer you would have Rison cuz Rison was n was a completely you know rethink of everything truth they went down the wrong path and I gotta say you know to be fair they’re not the only ones painting for you know netburst was the same thing they went down the wrong path and it would led to a dead end where they just got beat up by AMD forever they got beat up by pentium 3 pennyman pending three veto on pending for for a while well do we have anymore and video rumors or should we let’s just it’s been five minutes we should do another search I did want to say though I know it’s not a rumor but I do think it’s kind of cool that in contrasts all these rumors swirling around about Nvidia that AMD actually came out and said that they want to recommit to Yui releases for their GPUs oh yeah I mean that’s it’s definitely something should be good I mean I’m excited for that honestly I think that’ll keep things moving along it’ll be better for everybody yeah I mean when you know whatever the new AMD graphics part is and it to be fair they’re not bad but they just don’t compete the high end but if they need to compete in volume and in performance I don’t think you have to necessarily be OS at the high end to be exciting yeah I don’t know I mean people like the halo parts people got jazz over the 1080 TI and I think they’re not exciting but I would say there’s two levels of exciting right there’s like for example you have the cars that you dream about and they’re exciting for that reason and then there are cars that you know you can actually drive and they’re exciting for that reason and yeah I think what I’m really excited for to like like you is just like when we see the exact same thing this this this all out and knuckle bruising fight between AMD and Intel over you know quark count it’s insane I did this I think I did a chart where like you I mapped out all of the high-end desktop parts and it just was like it’s a slow like over five years we went from four cores to six cores and then it would like maybe went to eight and then we’ll kind of went the tan and then something like it go hockey stick right it was insane so I mean could you imagine that applied to GPUs you know of course the bad thing is developers have to catch up so but the of the chicken tikka the chicken has to have egg first how the hell did that first chicken get here the egg must have been first right or was the chicken first I think you know some dinosaur laid an egg they’re like whoa what’s that yeah the chicken so high end GPU high in sepia and it hasn’t get here first so it’s look getting here developers will eventually support it all right real quick we we have somebody who who deciphered the code it seems like they’ve been working on a long time to figure out when 1180s are gonna be really so we’re on Facebook over on Facebook Todd Madden say is saying Brad is not here because he is testing the 11e oh that’s it in boom also under that and vidiian da yep so we can’t talk about it he’s I’m gonna show the screen is dark he’s not here because he’s at home he’s automation he’s on vacation testing yeah and it’s actually not that 1180 is the eleven eleven eleven eighty the Justin Bieber Justin Bieber seven Anna me we can all we can all stop you know doing rumors he figured yeah it’s just crazy I sort of god I think there are some new rumors in the last five minutes just like everybody all right should we should we take some questions yeah definitely I’m gonna switch the graphic and then I’m gonna tell people to put your questions in the chat right now because I’m going to answer or I’m gonna ask them to these lovely people and we’re gonna answer them as a group it can be rumors it can be it can be more about the thread version I just this just in breaking news breaking news Digital Trends in video could debut gtx eleven series graphics cards after september october 24th october 24th that’s the one I’m gunning for actually somebody said I think it was rusty said Gamescom confirmed yeah I swear to God I it just makes you NVIDIA has finally figured out a way to beat the rumors right least they have I don’t know what is going on but basically in my book all the rumors are just all the rumor mill everything is just described I don’t believe any of it that’s the thing too they’ve also been pretty good if you want to use such a word about staggering their releases in a way that’s not always predictable so they can actually get away with not get away with like fuel these rumors that way right so for July there was was it a Pascale and this the one a Titan card that really came out during comic-con so that’s July we have Gamescom in August we also have packs in August right and then there’s September so yours Aoife which is not really about desktop stuff as much sometimes but you know who knows and then October we have Drake’s birthday so yeah confirmed guys now I really want to drink Edition card we’re like if you open the box you just hear him sing they do have that nvidia did announce as CEO edition they did firstborn credit on your house are you guys ready for some questions cuz they’re they’re piling up oh yeah we better do them over on Facebook we got Sanus hydra do you think AMD will have something to compete if nvidia is doing something this year that would be negative I don’t think they’re probably retooling after all the personnel changes wait so you are confirming an Nvidia will have something this year you just you just confirmed it no I’m under Indiana I’m not even under India I’m making that up I don’t think I don’t think you know all indications are from the public or Matt from AMD is yeah we have you know new parts for server but consumer parts that are something new no that would go up against a new Pascal Turing Dampier part no also we have Dan who just tuned in thank you for joining us he’s coming from Israel so welcome well we got at as asus zenui asus Vania on YouTube Gordon if you were Jensen would you release new geforce cards or would you wait until q for 2018 q1 2019 if you were jensen what would you do I probably weighed at this point you know there are there are I’d wait for my good friend Drake I gotta say Drake’s film pretty bad after that Raptors blow up by the Cavs oh yeah you know that it’s pretty try to make them feel happy so I’m gonna if I’m gents and I I base everything just on what my celebrity fans know but I I would think you know there’s a rumor that there’s a build of cards because the crypto thing is finally blown up there’s an excess inventory there’s a story 300,000 geforce cards out there that are coming back rusty just asset – how how bad did you think Nvidia messed up with those extra 300,000 I don’t think they mess up at all because you’re those cards will they will sell I mean let’s let’s face it there has been a drought of GPUs for it feels like 10 months good while so it’s been eight months of demand where people are just like holding off upgrades feeling bad about kind of stuff I don’t I think those cards will still go I mean if they push out a launch to say CES or something but what do they lose really there’s no real competition those cards are so in demand because gaming is still you know going gangbusters so he’ll I don’t think it’s that bad at all so to follow up that you go past five 80s asking do you think Nvidia’s waiting till they can clear out that old inventory before they release the new stuff it’s one theory that’s out there but again at this point most of the leaks in my mind have been discredited because I ain’t got 1180 here and I don’t know it is possible but it does feel like there’s just so much misinformation out there you don’t know what’s real you’re are 1180 is over with bread he’s testing it right now everything you need to know yeah DVR seven folks Nathan Lowry on youtubes asking or maybe it’s twitch I think it’s twitch actually do you think Nvidia is dragging their feet to avoid anti-competition sanctions no I don’t think that a single release of a product would you know put somebody in hot water yeah I don’t I you know I know people got up in arms about GPP and all kinds of stuff but I don’t I don’t see it as is issue I don’t I don’t think they’d be waiting for that and and it really is you know producing new parts in the market is good for consumers ultimately so that would not be like something that I would think they’d wanted delay for okay what we got enigma tastic on on twitch this one is specific specifically for Elena so Gordon you can answer yes I think next gen consoles will still be eight cores I mean you know I don’t really think that I put this so the part that’s in the current Xbox right now Xbox one it’s not truly an eight core part so I guess the answer could be yes no maybe because even if they put in say as I don’t know four core part that thing probably would still have more performance oh they’re so old for the rumors of zancor in playstation 5 right it’s gonna be us right so I mean we saw the performance out of the Xbox one x PC build I mean that we had like a low-end rise in part whether the rise in three 1200 I still think you’re gonna get more performance out of that oh then the current system so I just don’t think it’s gonna be a coursing I’m the CPU side by the we’re not we don’t know but so you’re seeing I think in terms of performance it doesn’t really matter how many cores they have but in terms of marketing they’re kind of probably still try for something that they can sell that sounds as good as eight cores that’s me a problem for them because they’ve been they’ve spent the last five years marketing to console gamers who are probably not necessary following PC trends this is an 8 core system and some days ago they say hey here’s your PlayStation 5 it has 4 cores yeah whatever that special thing they put in in the PlayStation 3 how was the name of that oh that guy I know you’re talking about all right so processor it wasn’t that a course I was made I think it was nine quarters right wasn’t it I don’t anyway so it there’ll be a little bit difficult marketing wise I think but overclock it but I can’t really see them going to anything with a actually core current chip though yeah they’re doing custom parts wait so you’re saying that console gamers are not that sophisticated but the hardware when they go and extreme about how great Xbox one is it’s all about the games like they wouldn’t they wouldn’t they would just go on just because I’m too busy playing 4k freesync with a console right now she was yesterday I watched her with the control she did have a keyboard plugged in also Brad plays with a controller on PC so I do too and also fighting in sports games yes speaking of rumors razer Microsoft may be teaming up for a keyboard mouse on the Xbox insane part is Elena’s like cuz I’m like what’s up why can’t she like maybe they should have this thing it’s called USB port on the on these devices or you could plug these things called a mouse and keyboard in and use them on the console Lane is that you can use a mouse and keyboard Xbox we did yes just not in the games no I never tried a mouse but definitely you can use a keyboard you can use a keyboard for input on an original Xbox can’t use it in the games though right we’re running out of time and we have five quiz no time for a console ranch hey I didn’t Ignat test no but you you gave us that question ahead of the other question actually okay Ziv Zoolander Q’s asking will you guys be doing any mini ITX builds in the near future I want to I want to what do you want to build an answer no we’ll have to talk about that later a super Superman Superman Nvidia NDA signed equals cannot provide negative review of any graphics card for five years confirm is not true I will say because I in the old days I have signed them when I was allowed and I read plenty of them and there are as much as everybody wants to think there’s like oh you do this you sign the NDA and you can’t say negative things that is not true at all but I would put it a company out of business trying to do something like that yeah and it just does not happen people are I mean there are people who if you want to see this thing you gotta sign this you go in and if that were true you would see nothing but glowing reviews about every single product out there and that ain’t true no typically I mean I think I talked about this most NDA’s are pretty basic like don’t you’re here don’t put this stuff on social media like it’s very basic stuff yeah don’t hurl amania is asking thinking of getting in ASU’s crosshair seven Wi-Fi and 2700 X is that a good choice yes no depends on what you do right yes so you know you need eight cores you you know and you like it’s hard to beat that price through nineteen 427 jeddaks with the cooler it was three hundred the other day so yeah if that’s you want to build a core CPU 16 threads reasonable price I think the mother good that they named is that’s like a high-end motherboard isn’t it because you know high-end motherboards are very different now like back in the old high a motherboard used to be in a small socket I’m not talking about big socket you know things we’re talking like the used to be 350 to 400 dollars for high-end motherboard that way yeah those not chief Gorden but no like so the mid-range motherboard I swear to God 10 years ago 230 bucks got you a really good motherboard it was mid-range you had all the extra USB controls all the street discrete controls and features and bling you wanted today like a mid-range among the board feels like it’s a hundred and fifty to one hundred and thirty dollars and a budget motherboard today is like $65 it used to be the hundred dollar motherboard was a budget on the board 130 right now it’s just like crazy yeah I says I’ve gotten better but you said the name so fast but I thought that that was awesome crosshairs of it I think that’s a like higher-end board so you’re like 200 maybe low 300 the only thing I would say about that is that if you don’t think you’re gonna actually use all the you know extra features you get with that maybe you could reduce you know price a little on that but otherwise if you think you’re gonna make use of both parts or both components go for it yeah okay JPEG really jpg how much do you think the current pricing problem with GPUs is going to affect the launch prices of the next generation oh that launches in October 24th oh I the new cards at a launch in July August and September October November December January I mean okay so this is all rumors all the time right but if we’re to believe that say a gtx 1180 is slightly higher in TDP and has much more cuda cores than you know in terms of stepping up versus previous generation core memory right all that then any price increases could much more easily be attributed to that then you know the fact that people’s anchor point for pricing has shifted so I think would be one of those things where it’s really hard to pick out what would cause a higher price if there’s some kind of very obvious performance increase that you’re getting as well yeah I mean I I suspect it’ll be he’s asked or she is asking if the current price is affected Adam yes right so legs are basically saying that if since since everything’s been inflated for so long the new normal is do you think that the new normal will be higher and people won’t protest if they come in at a higher price than you would normally expect for a certain range I think they’ll be higher I think they will you know it it’s always gonna be higher mainly because there’s lack of competition in the market and that is the main the issue not really what’s out there not crypto currency not all the stuff it comes down to is if there’s competition sure so these parts will you need to brace yourself I’m sure they’re gonna be slightly more expensive there will be don’t be all kinds of gnashing of teeth and then everybody will go out and buy 75% geforce like that was due because what are you gonna do you know you could you know maybe getting still buy some of these you know ten parts that are still out there man when the ten parts first came out there was some good times to be had in the ninth series parts yeah really yeah for how long that lasts it was a good couple of months when they suddenly decided to just put all those on fire sale it’d be interesting cuz like if you could have got a 980 versus a 1060 at that time they’re sort of rough equivalents would you look back now and go shut about that 1060 instead of a 960 or 980 I think it just depends what price you got at the time and how much you were able to make use of it at the time yeah I generally would I always kind of especially with GPUs I want something newer because there’s just a lot of features that are supported on the on the new your choice to make but sometimes you have to go with the cash that’s on hand especially for I mean if you’re if you’re stuck at 1080p gaming you know a 980 still not that bad it is now 980 is still a very good card so yeah alright so last question and then we should recap the giveaway for people who came in late kindess on youtubes asking Alayna what happened to the twitch streaming build please give us an update I’m so collecting parts so I’m excited for this I was gonna try to do another video this week with all the unboxing and showing off the parts and basically making it go Christmas in July but I’m having trouble getting one component that I really need so it may not be till next week but it’s still happening I haven’t forgotten about it I’m very excited for it and also to to clarify this this twitch streaming build projects a little different than our normal live builds because those are centered around the actual build itself here you know we’re doing the the picking in the building and all that fun stuff but then also you know learning how to set up to which properly and you know what it’s cameras to use which you know actual streaming goes into it’s a whole journey if you don’t know what game I’m sure are you gonna get cuz honestly that is the most important point have you thought about what kind of beanie and also how far you gonna slump that’s pretty good that’s pretty good let me switch different game we had a work and also and to clarify from that battle we we are still doing the live ones monthly but you know it’s it’s been a little this is an extra project yeah and July June was busy July it’s gonna be a little quieter so we’re gonna get one in there we’re gonna get one in there this is not a replacement of our normal life builds it’s just that I decided I really wanted to do some things related to streaming and well hey and we have at least one person as if on YouTube he says that he loves the the vlog style videos so there we go we got one fan Gordon why don’t you tell them about that cool t-shirt right so this is last came in late before we sent out we are going to be giving away this highly collectible what you well I was so I was gonna show the friends so we’re gonna show the front what you mean I could get that how do I get that oh so this is a t-shirt and the AMD giveaway convenient for the second generation rice and thread Ripper folks not the red Roper to although that’s what you call it it says create with heavy metal it’s got the cool graphic they’ve been using in that new video they released and the back of it is a tour style t-shirt of course it’s black because all concert teachers have to be black and it’s signed in sign and it is signed by Lisa Sue and Jim Anderson so far as I know it’s a one of a kind in the world this shirt was so hard to get aim the employees didn’t even get it so you can go to PC world calm or I think a look at the show notes to see if you can enter on this bad news America only right yeah let me go to the link on PC world calm its because it’s only legal residents of the 50 united states including the District of Columbia or Canada except for Quebec so no territories I do I don’t know and sorry from COCs I worked with legal for a long time yeah Lee Chi Aussies we think making it happen but there are lawyers involved so we can’t give it away to other people so no purchase necessary you just you put in your name and your email address and all we do is use that for getting caught getting a hold of you if you if you win but also you get bonus entries if you’re a twitch if you follow us on twitter youtube twitter you see if there’s a little widget and so yeah go check it out and Gordon will package it up in a cool bag right do you want to show the bag again well he’s throwing the bag the bag from Taiwan City desiccant oh no it’s a receipt hologram on the 7-eleven bag also I throw in a risin t-shirt that I’ve never worn I saw it in the drawer at home qualifier this sort it’s not a usual yeah he was from the original launch as well I think of risin so my god and wife is almost telling me to get rid of my t-shirts can can you hold the the signature up to the oh right we’re gonna hold a signature this is real cymatics ooh I witnessed her signing it and Jim Anderson signed in front of me so I’m not faking you I didn’t sign it myself it’s real so it’s cool it is really cool I mean you know yeah is it as cool as getting a CPU I don’t know for some people that actually might be more cooler because I because you can’t get this anywhere else can’t get anywhere else high thread count shirt you have 32 threads yeah 64 cool so yeah follow that link the contest gonna be running for two weeks we will announce it on the next full nerd which is not next week because of American holidays and then the week after that we will the thing will close and then it’ll be a he’ll be done maybe we should close the contest on Drake’s birthday own drinks birthday too much competition the 1180s coming up alright let’s wrap this up Gordon all right four check back okay sorry got lost there for a second yeah check back next week for your fix of PC talk in the full nerd I’m really just like uh huh just like next next week my eyes are just hard for audio listeners subscribe to us on iTunes Google Play or stitcher saying questions and come to the full nerd calm oh wait I can’t agree is saying questions and comments it really is just I’m gonna start over thanks back next week for your fix of PC talk on the full nerd for audio listeners subscribe on iTunes Google Play or stitcher and also leave us a review on iTunes I don’t know why that’s good but apparently it is every time you do another 1180 rumor comes out also saying questions and comments to the full nerd at PC world calm thanks for coming I’m Gordon I’m with Lainey bye everyone and Patrick Murray will hit the I’ll switch go sign up to win your own t-shirt because I can’t so I gotta live through you so win it

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