Why does my child look at things from the corner of his eye?

Hey good people its Khadijah aka the oily geek and Ayden and I apologize for not posting yesterday we had a kind of crazy day yesterday. So let’s get into it today. So why does my child look at objects out of the corner of his eye? So that is one of the things that made me go get Ayden evaluated. No we’re not gonna do that. Ah one of the things that made me go get Ayden evaluated. He started looking at things out of the corner of his eye. He would run back and forth and look at stuff out of the corner of the of his eye. I found out that this is a stim it’s called hyper peripheral stimming and they stim to comfort themselves. It’s kind of like when someone like bites their fingernails or taps their feet. It’s it’s just a quirk unfortunatly it’s just not a socially normal quirk.

So my cousin who is a child psychologist who specializes in African-american children with developmental delays when I spoke about this with him he said as long as you are able to quickly break him out of that he keep redirecting him and that’s what I did but I also researched more and I found out that this stim is connected to high yeast and it wasn’t surprising to me that the better his diet got the less he stimmed we still have issue stop we still have issue every once in a while and at that point I know that there has probably been some type of a dietary infraction. He spent the weekend, two weekends ago, at my friend’s house. She is also she’s also gluten free. She’s aware of his special diet and but the problem is that were were a bunch of other children around so chances are one of the other children gave him something that he wasn’t supposed to have he started doing that little thing out of the eye every once in a while and it was just meltdown city the days following so I knew there was some type of an infraction.

So what can you do to stop it you got to deal with yeast issues and with yeast with heavy stop stop with heavy metals there’s going to be yeast issues. So if your child is stimming like that I would definitely get them tested for heavy metals uh and I’m gonna sound like a broken record but change their diet. Fix their diet. Go dairy-free. Go gluten free, soy free, corn free. This is this is a journey it’s not just that.. Can you please with the baby shark? It’s a stop it’s a journey and you’re going to have to keep trying things.

This is not for the faint of heart at all and I’m gonna give you a twofer so I was speaking with one of my one of my sisters in this journey one of my very dear friends and I was saying to her that I would not wish this journey on anyone but God is so good because of this journey I have learned so much about protecting ourselves and our health that Ayden has probably saved my life. You know, I didn’t know about MTHFR. I didn’t know about my liver not functioning at a hundred percent but so much now makes sense to me. I mean my father died of liver failure I mean. Duh! Diabetes run so heavily in my family. Alzheimer’s. These are all diseases that are associated with MTHFR so as I said I would not wish this journey on anyone but in the long run God always there’s always something good out of you can find something good out of tragedy. I don’t want to say tragedy because we are going to be victorious.

My child will get better. My child will recover. So if anyone has any questions just you know ask below and if you are ready to go toxin-free, you want to learn about essential oils you, want to get started on your oily journey, just click the link below. Let’s book a call, let’s talk and bye guys. Say bye Ayden. Bye bye..

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