[Your first memory] – 13 – Tomás Martínez – The Gamer Inside Fans community – GAMEFEST 11

I think in the 90’s the first contact was always with arcade games. Other people can say it was at home but if you had no money or your parents didn’t like video games you only could play in the arcades. I remember GoldenEye Tetris, Street Fighter… It was a social way to play video games since you had to go to the arcades. In my neighborhood arcades people put a coin on the machine to show they wanted to play and that was your last game.

One time a taller and stronger boy grabbed and shaked my hand to make me lose my game. That was traumatic for me. You were playing table football when a machine caught your attention. I especially remember Golden Axe and how they took it from my hands. Some time passed before I thought video games were a culture and more. Subtitulado por Cristina Pérez Cerezo.

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